Falling in Love with Your New Home……….How to be a dream catcher.

As we look at the type of home we want to build our dreams around, what’s important to you? Homes are filled with laughter, love, and the mouth-water smells of home cooking. And in today's home, we built in some amazing features that help make your home a real “dream catcher”.  So as we enter the month of love, here’s a few things we hope you’ll … [Read more...]

Osage Point – New Year, New Home

New Year, New Home Resolutions Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to move into a new home in 2018? A key, is finding the right community in which to live. And the resolve make it happen. Bringing in the New Year makes us think of new beginnings, a chance for renewal … and for many resolutions. Another year has arrived and I am so … [Read more...]

Osage Point Townhomes Announce Grand Opening

We are very excited to announce the Grand Opening Celebration set for October 27th, 2017.  Mark your calendars and come be apart of the celebration activities.  The Grand Opening begins at 10:00 am with dignitaries speaking, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and guided tours of the the Model unit.  Please make a point to stop by for a free hotdog and … [Read more...]

Milestone at Osage Point – Model Unit #111 is Complete!

Great news for Osage Point Townhomes!  The Model unit is completely finished and ready for occupancy.  The landscaping is complete for model unit #111 and unit #113.   I have to say it really looks sharp.   We have been pushing hard and our efforts have been rewarded.   Several have asked?  Where is this development located?  We are located in … [Read more...]

Osage Point Model Unit #111 Nears Completion

Well, it is good to be back, once again, updating you on Osage Point!  Things have really started to come together.  Exterior siding is finished and looks awesome!  The front posts on each unit are installed.  What great accent pieces they have become.  For the most part, the interior of the model unit #111 is complete! We have a few minor punch … [Read more...]