Osage Point has Huge Week for Construction Progress

The weather has tried to slow us down, but we keep on pushing forward.  The for last week and a half the sewer extension to Osage Point has progressed nicely.  The utility contractor from Mtn. Home has been busy installing man holes and sewer main piping. The foundations for townhome units #111 and #113 are laid and all of the under slab … [Read more...]

Osage Point Toy House Framing is Taking Shape. Weather is a challenge!

Well, it has been a busy week and a half. Framing on the touted "Toy House" feature, (A large optional disconnected garage to accommodate the “toys” in your life), is almost complete. Progress on Osage Point Building One, units #111 and #113, under-slab rough-ins have begun.  Site utilities, (sewer, primary electrical, water mains), are well under … [Read more...]

Osage Point Foundations Progress Ahead of Schedule

This week at Osage Point has been a busy one! The first Toy House slab is complete and framing will start the week of January 3rd, 2017.  For those that do not know what the Toy House is, it is a large optional disconnected garage designed to accommodate the “toys” in your life. The Harley, the ski boat, the jet skis, the RV towing truck, the … [Read more...]

Osage Point Luxury Townhomes Start Foundation Construction

It’s Official….. On Wednesday, December 21, 2016,  the Osage Point Luxury Townhomes development in Fairfield Bay, AR, started construction on the foundations. The work is being performed by builder, Ozark Resort Homes, LLC. The vision of many and their belief in the future of Fairfield Bay has come to fruition. Today’s progress launches 2 of the … [Read more...]