Osage Point Groundbreaking Makes Fairfield Bay Future Bright

Source: Fairfield Bay News

On Tuesday, October 18, Fairfield Bay held a groundbreaking on a project that hasn’t been seen in 25 years. Osage Point is the vision and belief in the future of Fairfield Bay by numerous members of the community and the Ozark Resort Homes. A lot of hard work went into the project development with many months of legal issues to overcome and many project design changes. Mayor Paul Wellenberger started off the ceremony and stated how extremely proud he was of the progress of the Bay and how this project will make Fairfield Bay a very unique place in North Central Arkansas.

The current and future growth would not have been possible without the support of the state dignitaries that came to the event such as Lt. Governor, Tim Griffin, Senator, Missy Irvin, Senator, John Boozman, US Representative, French Hill and House Representative, Trevor Drown. Each spoke of their love of Fairfield Bay and the pride in how the citizens ban together to create such a wonderful community and what a great role model for other communities throughout the state.

Wayne Harlan and Mike Lester, partners in Ozark Resort Homes and project developers, each spoke of the commitment to the community and recognized all the people behind the scenes that made this project possible. They also mentioned how great it is to have all the realtors working together to bring new people to the Bay as a permanent resident or a vacation homeowner.

These Luxury Townhomes are unique and each unit will have a Toy Garage to house those special items needed for recreational fun on the lake or on the trails around the Bay. The Utilities Department of the Community Club cleared many of the trees showing what a fantastic panoramic view would look like with many more trees coming down as the site expands.
After the speeches all the dignitaries and project coordinators grabbed a shovel and broke ground. What a wonderful day for Fairfield Bay.