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Osage Point New Owner Product Selection Showroom Now Open

Osage Point Moves at a Fast Pace as Interior and Exterior Finishes Progress

Framing Nearing Completion, Interior Rough-Ins Progressing

Osage Point Production is Back On Track

Great News Came This Week for Osage Point to Restart!

Osage Point Production Mode Gains Momentum

Osage Point Experiences Amazing Progress

Framing Moving Fast in Just 25 Hours at Osage Point   02/11/2017

Framing Moving Fast in Just 18 Hours at Osage Point  02/09/2017 Thru 02/10/2017

Osage Point Archives Success…..Slabs are Poured!

Osage Point has Huge Week for Construction Progress

Osage Point Toy House Framing is Taking Shape. Weather is a challenge!

Osage Point Foundations Progress Ahead of Schedule

Osage Point Foundations Begin

Osage Point Ground Breaking Ceremony was a Huge Success!