Ozark Resort Homes Makes Huge Announcement at Town Meeting

Source: Fairfield Bay News

Fairfield Bay is on the move and Wayne Harlan and Mike Lester, owners of Ozark Resort Homes, have so much belief in the future growth of Fairfield Bay, they have put together a $5,000,000 private investment project called Osage Point Townhomes.

Osage Point Townhomes will be the most aggressive, single family, residential construction project in Fairfield Bay in more than 25 years!

Osage Point Townhomes will be a 20 unit townhome development consisting of 10 buildings with 2 units per building.

Each townhome will have stunning panoramic views of eastern Greers Ferry Lake, with an elevation of 1,148 feet.

The townhome open floor plan has 1,507 square feet of main level living space and 765 square feet of bedroom loft and conditioned storage space on the second level! This space allows for a 3rd bathroom and a 4th bedroom if desired.

Osage Point Townhomes are functionally designed with features that include dramatic high sloping ceilings, large windows, floor coverings of hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet, and granite countertops.

Each townhome offers a feature not known to be offered anywhere else in our area called the “Toy House.“ A large, optional, disconnected garage to accommodate the “toys” of your life.
The Harley, the ski boat, the jet skis, the RV towing truck, the antique car, golf cart, the shop…all with easy access across the road from your driveway.

Live somewhere else? Live here part time? Live here permanently? Your “toys” await you just across the road. Secure, protected, charged up and ready to go.

Osage Point is designed with a feature that may mean the world to you and your family. Tucked away under the stairway to the loft is an optional tornado shelter rated to protect you and your family through an EF5 storm.

The entire main level living space is ADA accessible.

The Osage Point HOA will provide affordable maintenance for the exterior of your building and property.

Watch for more information as the project develops.

The site is located just past the fire station #3 at 721 Woodlawn drive.