Osage Point Issues Grateful Recognition for Ground Breaking Display

It is our sincere pleasure to extend a long over due “Thank You” to Willa Wells and Sharon Boone.  They have created a wonderful display marking the launch of Osage Point Development and the official ground breaking ceremonies.  October 18, 2016 was a grand day that was well attended by Federal, State and Local officials, including a large number of Fairfield Bay residents.

The display can be viewed in the front lobby of the Fairfield Bay Community Club Office.  The next time you are there, take a look.

We are truly thankful for our local support and partners in this project.

When you have a minute, you are welcome to stop by our offices on Hwy 16, and look at the new products display room for the Osage Point Townhomes, that is almost complete.

Please contact our local Fairfield Bay Realtors for pricing and availability.  The toll free 844.99OSAGE, 844-996-7243.  Reserve yours now!  Unit occupancy will now be available by the end of July 2017.

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