Thank Goodness

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler and the warm cozy feelings of Thanksgiving are upon us. Time to give thanks. Having an escape like Osage Point is just the blessing needed for family traditions. Start some traditions today in the home of your dreams. 1. HOMESTYLE THANK-GOODNESS The kitchen, a place that tends to be … [Read more...]

Embrace the Changing Colors of Life!

The last of the hotter days are behind us and the leaves are finally starting to fall. Change is in the air, and accompanied by some of the most warming colors! It’s easier to start dreaming of the beautiful days ahead, but not before enjoying what our beautiful Osage Point Autumn has in store. The changing colors of life! Life Color #1: Fall … [Read more...]

Fall in Love – All Over Again

Shorter days, cooler mornings and football on the weekends only means that September is here again. Chill & Grill… and Catch the Game. And does the thought of fall have you dreaming about Saturdays filled with football? College, NFL or maybe just tossing a few in your own backyard. If that makes you smile, then check out where you could … [Read more...]

Everlasting Summer

Has the family been wishing for a summer that would never end? At Osage Point, we think living here is an Endless Summer. · The view is always amazing, · Year-round grilling on the patio (w/ a view!) · The Toy Garage means you’ll always have a new hobby cooking · AND… the extra-3rd-bedroom means plenty of family clamoring to come … [Read more...]

Dad’s Dream Digs

Every king needs a kingdom to call home, and every dad is a king in his own right! As we celebrate Fathers this month, we share the home of every Dad's dream. With a place perfectly prepared for grill masters, extra room for the ultimate man cave, and a garage specifically designed for all the big-boy toys, how could it not be? Toy Garage For … [Read more...]