Saving Energy is Everyone’s Dream

With Summer just around the corner, amidst the anticipated heat of an Ozark Spring, the mind of every Arkansan can’t help but wander off to the dreaded thought of a high energy bill. It’s only natural! Cranking the air conditioner is necessary in this southern humidity, but most must eventually face the dreaded evidence with a dollar sign. The residents of Osage Point, however, spend their Spring time a little differently. With the answered promise of drastically reduced energy costs in their energy-efficient homes, our neighbors rest easily with the chill of the a/c at their backs. When your home is smart, a low energy bill isn’t just a fabled dre.

Four aspects of the home that will help save you money and how it saves you:

1. SAVE on your electric bill yearly with our energy-saving LED light fixtures. Save you time and effort and hassle replacing incandescent bulbs as they burn out. Smart, efficient, economical, and the right thing to do.
2. SAVE on your electric bill monthly with heating and cooling system maintenance. Save you time and effort and hassle in dealing with heating and cooling system maintenance. Osage Point installed an electric 15 SEER Lenox HVAC system and dehumidification system with 10 year warranty, including a touch screen thermostat and the Lenox iComfort option to control your heating and cooling system from your smartphone. Osage Point design includes both a high and low return air locations for balanced air mixing and movement, and easy filter changes, for your comfort.
3. SAVE with five remote controlled ceiling fans positioned throughout the home to aid in the balancing and mixing of the conditioned air for your comfort.
4. SAVE as the entire exterior envelope of the home is house wrapped and insulated to control heat gain /loss, to operating the heating, cooling, and dehumidification systems more efficiently, keeping you more comfortable and keeping your cash in your pocket.
Good News – Model Unit #111 is averaging an $83.99 per month electrical bill for the past 7 months. That includes the water heater, appliances, lighting, and the heating and cooling systems operating. Smart, efficient, economical, and the right thing to do.

While the rest of the world scrimps and saves for the inevitable energy bill, osage point residents not only rest easy in the cool of the a/c but also in the years of savings to come. A nickel here and a dime there could be the very difference between a vacation on the shore and a vacation on a new boat – both nearly at your doorstep, but one a little faster. Don’t let the little things steal time away from your fun. Relax and unwind – We’ve taken care of the rest.

Join us:
Sat April 28th for Boati Gras (Mardi Gras on the water) at the Fairfield Bay Marina. 20+ decorated boats, beads music, food and a wonderful community gathering. 2:30 with boat parade starting at 3:30.

With every feature of these unique homes comes a new memory waiting to be made, nestled in a close-knit community of good friends ready for spring and all of the fun that comes with it.

Let us help you find the home of your dreams at Osage Point in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. For an affordable, moderate price and savings for years to come, resolve to call us today at 1-844-99-OSAGE. OzarkResortHomes.com.
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