Summer Weather Promotes Good Progress for Osage Point

Since our last project update many things are happening on site!  The sewer system is complete and tested. Exterior siding will finish the end of next week.  Garage doors were installed and they look great!

You may have noticed as you pass by the site that work for Osage Point Drive is well underway.  Sub grades for the street are finished and the SB2 base rock will begin going down Monday, July 24th.  Hopefully, by the end of next week, curb and gutter for Osage Point Drive will begin.  Once the curb and gutter is installed beyond units #111 and #113, driveways and sidewalks will be installed for those units.  Next, landscaping will begin for the units and the north entrance feature.  The entrance features will showcase several 10 ton boulders that are indigenous to the Osage Point property. Some of those boulders can be viewed below in the update slide show.  They are huge!

Other interior high points for unit #111 included HVAC systems that are up and running, final paint is being completed, all interior wood trims are complete, tile floors are installed, and hardwood flooring starts Monday. Electrical fixtures are being installed.  Carpet and granite counter tops install the end of next week .

Unit #111 is still scheduled for completion during the month of August.

Ozark Resort Homes and Osage Point would like to express our deepest appreciation to the City of Fairfield Bay and the Fairfield Bay Community Club for their partnership in this project.  Without them this project would not have been possible.

Ozark Resort Homes is grateful, as always, to all of Fairfield Bay for your patience during our construction progress.

When you have a minute, stop by our office, located in the Hillcrest Plaza building on Hwy 16, and check out the new Products Display room for Osage Point Townhomes.

Contact our local Fairfield Bay Realtors for pricing and availability.  Toll free numbers are: 844.99OSAGE, 844-996-7243.  Reserve yours now!

Unit occupancy will be available August 2017.

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