Weather and Water Slow Progress at Osage Point

Weather and Water have slowed, but not stopped, the progress on Osage Point Townhomes the last couple of weeks, but this can be expected at this time of year.  We have not experienced much work on site, but have been busy continuing the work, behind the scenes, to complete all necessary rescheduling and material reorders to rebuild units #111 and #113.

You may have noticed that the site is totally clean of all tornado debris and ready for the framing subcontractor to start Monday, May 8th. The biggest challenge we have faced during the restart, has been in revising the subcontractor schedules and getting everyone worked back into the correct timetable.  They too have been affected by the weather on their other projects, in addition to this one.

Our schedule is dictating that all of the framing be complete by May 22nd.  Mechanical and electrical rough-ins complete by May 29th. Drywall installation and finish starting May 30th.  At this point we will be back to where we were before the March 1st tornado.  This delay accounts for the 90 day loss of time due to the tornado.  But, we press forward as God continues to bless us through this whole process.

Toyhouse #111 was completed Monday April 17.  Stop by and take a look!

The on-site sewer extension should complete by the end of May.  Delays were weather related.

The owners of Ozark Resort Homes want to extend our thanks to the residents of and visitors to Fairfield Bay for their patience during our construction progress!

We are looking forward to getting back to our regular weekly progress posts.  Stay tuned!    

Please contact our local Fairfield Bay Realtors for pricing and availability.  The toll free 844.99OSAGE, 844-996-7243.  Reserve yours now!  Unit occupancy will now be available by the end of July 2017.

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