Osage Point Model Unit #111 Nears Completion

Well, it is good to be back, once again, updating you on Osage Point!  Things have really started to come together.  Exterior siding is finished and looks awesome!  The front posts on each unit are installed.  What great accent pieces they have become.  For the most part, the interior of the model unit #111 is complete!

We have a few minor punch list items that will be completed by the end of next week.  The interior looks wonderful and the color selections, made by Cindy Wellenberger and Sue Scroggins, have knocked it out of the park!

We have had several showings to potential clients by the local realtors, and the increased activity is very encouraging.  We cannot wait for you to see it for yourself!  You can get started by watching the slide show at the bottom of this post.

Other points of interest include the following:  Osage Point Drive is well underway with the SB2 base rock complete, and the curb and gutter forms are being installed, with a plan to start pouring concrete by the end of next week.  Osage Point Drive is scheduled in two phases.  Phase one is now active with phase two completing by the 1st of November; this will include the asphalt paving.  All of the front driveways and sidewalks are now complete for unit #111 and #113, and ready for the landscaping to begin.  The rear concrete patios will soon be poured.

The landscape contractor will begin in about two weeks, with the plan to focus on landscaping around the units first, and then complete the north entrance features as soon as the entrance radius curb and gutters are complete.  The front entrance features will showcase the very large boulders indigenous to the Osage Point property.  They will be nestled in native river rock and perennial plants of many types.  All of the landscaping themes are designed with low maintenance requirements.

Unit #111 is still scheduled for completion during the month of August.  Unit #113 is at the point of waiting for the buyer to select their interior finishes.  Once these interior finish selections are made, the interior can be completed in about 60 days.

An open house, hosted by the local realtors, will be scheduled very soon, so stay tuned for that date to be announced.  We look forward to seeing you come by and make a personal visit.

Ozark Resort Homes and Osage Point would like to express our deepest appreciation to the City of Fairfield Bay and the Fairfield Bay Community Club for their partnership in this project.  Without them this project would not have been possible.

When you have a minute, contact one of our local Fairfield Bay Realtors for a site tour, pricing, availability and a personalized opportunity to see the Products Display Room for Osage Point Townhomes, located in the Hillcrest Plaza building on Hwy 16.

Ozark Resort Homes is grateful, as always, to all of Fairfield Bay for your patience during our construction progress.

To contact a local Fairfield Bay Realtor for Osage Point Townhomes, call Toll Free 844.99OSAGE or 844-996-7243.  Reserve yours now!

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  1. Brenda Byrd says

    What us the price range for these units and is there a water view?

    • Brenda,

      The units have a panoramic view of Greers Ferry Lake. You literally have a 40 mile eastern view from any unit. You are able to see several bridges that cross the lake and several large bodies of water that make up the Greers Feery Water basin. The base unit runs $275,000.00 with 2,021 sft conditioned, plus a 484 sft dbl. car garage. The unit is designed for ADA accessibility, all 36″ wide doors. The price includes the lot the unit sets on. Landscaped and a huge back yard. Contact us for pricing and unit availability. 844-99-OSAGE (844-996-7243).

      Thank you!
      Mike Lester CEO/CFO
      Ozark Resort Homes, LLC.